Abakus is the downtempo electronica project of Russ that focus' on otherworldly and enchanting melodies, and ethereal sound scapes.


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Downtempo Favourites 1990 - 2004

I was recently digging through some of my music crates from 13 years ago and couldn't resist putting together a mixtape of some of my favourite downtempo tunes by other artists.. and here it is, featuring some beautiful and magical electronica tunes from 1990 through to 2004.

DEPARTURE - Album released OCT 2016

Album review from Mike Watson/Ambient Music Guide: "The prodigiously gifted Russ Davies releases his first Abakus album in three years, and the qualities that made last year’s e.p. The Beginning/Dreamer so outstanding are all here. Book-ended by two Daft Punk-like songs and containing nine lush instrumentals, Departure finds him applying his incredible pop smarts and grasp of melody on a blissfully chilled-out canvas. His downtempo distillations of punchy synthpop, underground trance, progressive house and Balearic lounge literally sparkle with life and light. The arpeggio-driven “Dreamer” and “The Beginning” provide the album’s euphoric peaks, surrounded by slightly more sedate fare that ebbs and flow on steady, hypnotic breakbeats. “Still A Soul” has harmonies of weeping beauty, while “Storm” shows his knack for harvesting the very best qualities of melodic club trance without any of its cheesiness. Departure is deeply loving music, the very essence of quiet joy and gentle euphoria, captured in a bottle and cast upon an ocean where the sun shines eternal."



75 Minute Set ABAKUS Originals 2004-2015

It's a fun but quite tough task trying to select from the many Abakus tunes written since 2003 which ones to encorperate in an Abakus set, but here is one particular selection of tunes which I personally care a great deal about, and people also seem to enjoy at live shows... so without further ado, here is one of many possible Abakus sets.