Russ Davies is a British musician, composer and producer having released over 20 artist albums since 2002 under various alias' including Abakus & Cinnamon Chasers, and has extensively toured across the world over throughout his 14 year career.  A multi-instrumentalist and adept at lending his broad skill set and talent to bringing together a diverse range of influences and genres into his unique modern compositions, his music has appeared and been commissioned for numerous tv, film and game placements including a Amazon, Sony Playstation, Calvin Klein, Spotify, Castrol Oil, Vanity Fair, Avon and many more.

Russ' career began in 2003 when he signed his debut album under his Abakus alter-ego to producer Youth's (Killing Joke, The Verve, The Orb) LSD records, in partnership with Jazz Summers Biglife management.  His debut album "That Much Closer To The Sun" quickly gained the popularity of the global  underground electronic music scene, taken him regularly touring over a 5 year period, remixing many acts including The Orb, Perishers and Roxy Music.  His music as Abakus has appeared on dozens of record labels including  Virgin Records, Cocoon Records, Ministry Of Sound, Juno Records, and Bhudda Bar, and regularly played and supported by many electronic luminaries such as Derrick May, Laurent Garnier.

In 2009 after a short period working in the business side of music at Juno Records, Russ saw an opportunity for a new sound and direction in the emerging melodic genres of nu-disco and French electro being championed by bands such as Junior Boys, Cut Copy and Justice, and as such created his new alias Cinnamon Chasers as an outlet for his love of melody, classic synthesisers and drum machines. In the space of 6 months from launch Russ developed Cinnamon Chasers into a critically acclaimed project and going on to win an award at SXSW and garnering millions of plays on youtube and vimeo.  What started off a secret "pet" project which he told none of his friends or contemporaries about, soon took prominence as his main outlet, taking him yet again across the world performing at club nights and headlining festivals. Sharing the stage with artists such as Diplo, Aeroplane, Alexander Robotnick, and being remixed by Scuba, Jay Shepheard, Jody Winsternoff & James Grant.

Both his projects, Abakus & Cinnamon Chasers, have kept him busy in the studio and on the road right up till 2016, having released numerous albums and EPs:

"Magic carpet ride" –
"Perfect Dreamy Summer Soundscape"  - BBC Radio
"One of my favourites of all time" - Indie Shuffle
"Diversity and passion for electronic music are oozing out of the seems of this immensely prolific and gifted writer." - The Untz
"Possess' that unique quality only a few producers can replicate...for a late night drive when your contemplating what to do with your entire life" - Beatific
"fusion of Aeroplane, Friendly Fires, Kris Menace and Alan Braxe, with a dash of Vangelis and Jean Michel Jarre thrown in" –
"Themes and sounds so epic that it nearly defies all definition. This is the stuff that dreams are made off" - The 405
"Heart-felt single rose of steadfast beauty" - Penny Black Music
If you’re looking for the sensation of riding your bike through the air in front of the moon with a friendly alien in the handlebar basket, this is for you" – Resident Advisor

2016 saw a new page and direction for his career when signing his latest alias "Aiiso" to UK finest electronica imprint Anjunadeep Records, which saw his music featured on two global no.1 dance albums.

In 2017 Russ teamed up with his father, Dave Davies of The Kinks, to produce and co-write the album "Open Road"

UNCUT: “An impressive LP”
MOJO: “Satisfying unpredictable – a fresh non-rock approach to rhythms with unexpected shifts in style”
EXPRESS: Album Of The Week “A sharp and often very beautiful exercise in psychedelic rock and pop balladry with a smart indie sheen
ROLLING STONE:“Melancholy rock songs waxing nostalgia about his growing-up years, winsome emotions and the elusive nature of love
PASTE MAGAZINE: “Musical adventurousness exploring a unique musical space that’s unlike any record he’s made yet”
ROCK NUTS “Russ Davies’ production and arrangements make the crowning touch on this album, he turns what would have been good record into a very good record.
SPILL MAGAZINE “This is an album in every sense of the word…A terrific album"
CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND “Never have they sounded as locked-in as they do on new track Path Is Long. Good, honest, traditional songs that play to each songwriter’s strengths.”
SONG WRITING MAGAZINE “A revealing and rewarding listen – a sentimental and carefully crafted album”
OBSERVER " A blend of power and intimacy that resembles the rawness of John Lennon
 mixed with the hushed heart-shiver of Nick Drake or Alex Chilton"

Despite an already colourful and varied career Russ remains as passionate and enthusiastic as ever to continue pushing the envelope as an electronic composer and has several interesting new projects in film composition in development for 2018.