Epic Music Production Course - 2019

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Music Production Course - Ad Idea 1.jpg

Epic Music Production Course - 2019

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Hey my friends, here is a music production course I’ve put together covering all music production techniques required for creating modern electronica.

This course contains over 6 hours of video content and manuals, covering everything from Music Production Essentials, my favourite Engineering and Mix techniques, amazingly useful tools for music composition and arrangements, as well as neat toolkit of mental hacks to skyrocket your productivity to new heights and dramatically improve the quality of your workflow. Oh yeah and there’s a cool drum sample pack thrown in for free featuring my favourite drum samples.

And most importantly learn in detail how the songs below are made!

Cant wait to meet you in the course and look forward to hearing from you :) Russ

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What will you learn?

Production & Engineering Techniques such as:

  • Awesome goody bag of production sorcery tricks

  • Understanding Aesthetic

  • The Role of Juxtaposition & Contrast In Your Mix

  • Game Changing EQ Technique

  • Character Compression

  • Bus & Group Processing Techniques

  • Post Production Techniques

  • Plus Much More...

  • Sample Pack: Custom drum kits are including in this course, consisting of highly synergistic kick, hat and snare combos and immaculate percussion sets.

Electronic Music Composition techniques such as:

  • Mesh Composition Technique

  • Harmonising The Abstract

  • Restrictive Manipulation

  • The Meticulous Programmer

  • The Organic Evolver

  • Melody & Harmonisation Development made simple

  • Plus Much More...

We'll be exploring new areas of perspective and technique such as:

  • The 4 Dimensions Of Arrangement that could change your game forever.

  • Innovation: How To Spawn Original Music Concepts

  • Creative Catalysm

  • Rhythmic Homogeneity

  • Intelligent & Systematic Sound Design

  • Abolishing The Curse Of Perfectionism

  • Defeating Creative Block

  • Sonic & Emotional Contrast

  • The Myth Of The Idea In Your Head

  • Plus Much More...

Who Is This Course For?

  • Aspiring and experienced electronic music composers & producers looking to take their productions to the next level.

  • Writers of electronica, house, techno, downbeat, chillout, dubstep, deep-house, trance, indie-dance

  • Searching for the magic ingredients to produce great music

What is included:

  • Video: Exclusive video content from Russ guiding you through concepts on his DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation)

  • Walkthroughs: Full walkthroughs of my released commercial music, include Dreamer, Luv Deluxe, The Beginning & Great Escape - See playlist below.

  • Text: Extensive written word and illustrations on each subject explaining all theories and techniques in clear and fully comprehensive format.

  • Sample Pack: Custom kits created by Russ consisting of highly synergistic kick, hat and snare combos and immaculate percussion sets.

  • Exercises: Each subject within composition, arrangement and production consists of numerous exercises and practical tasks for you to work through.